Our Clients

  • “I entered Speakout’s office with little hope of ever conquering the speech impediment that I struggled with my entire life. Trisha and Vickie not only gave me hope but most importantly results. In short-time I I felt like a new man no longer carrying the weight of the insecurity I carried all my life.” ~ Andy
  • Vicki and Trish are amazing therapists and people. Our twin boys immediately felt at ease with them – as did my husband and I – and their language took off. What amazed me is that from the get go they had a clear understanding of each of the boys as individuals as well as what each of their needs were. Most people treat twins as a package or a unit and Vicki and Trish never did. My boys looked forward to their sessions or “play” as they called it. As parents we noticed a difference in their speech and language almost immediately. The boys went from not speaking to being able to express themselves and now talk non stop – in 2 languages! They really care about each child and their development and were always available to regroup with us and tell us what they were working on. They also sent us a weekly email recapping their goals and what we could work on at home. We are so grateful to Speak Out NY for all they did for our boys from a speech perspective and more importantly for receiving our kids with hugs and kisses each week. ~ Marcia Asch
  • Trisha and Vickie are wonderful teachers! My 4 year old son’s speech has improved immensely! He went from not being understood at all to people not imagining that he would ever need speech therapy ! I highly recommend Speak Out NY! We had a wonderful experience! ~ Kristen Taekman
  • Vickie and Trisha were so wonderful with my son while working on his interdental lisp. They knew just the right ways to get through to him, involving him in group sessions and making things fun while
    learning. He truly looked forward to seeing them every week, so much so that we referred to his twice weekly sessions as “speech playdates.” And when we recently moved out of the city he expressed how much he would miss them and kept hugging them both throughout his last session … they really made a connection. ~ Shelley Sherman
  • Our son, Jackson, began working with Speak Out New York when he was 19 months old. Prior to seeing Trisha and Vickie, he was not communicating verbally, nor was he consistently pronouncing hard consonant sounds. Over the course of the first couple of months of sessions, we started noticing steady progress in Jackson’s speech development. He began saying his first words, started to repeat words that were spoken to him and has generally been much more communicative. Trisha and Vickie are focused and determined, but also warm, patient and encouraging, while working with Jackson. They gained his trust quickly and are now working with him individually throughout the entire session. Trisha provides us with great suggestions on exercises to practice with him at home. They also provide us with updates after each session (our nanny usually brings him) regarding what they worked on and the progress they are seeing with him. We have been very pleased with Speak Out New York and are grateful for the tremendous impact Trisha and Vickie have had on our son. ~ Annonymous
  • I am writing to tell you about an excellent speech pathologist in the neighborhood. Vickie Bageorgos has been helping Max with his speech and what can I say – I am speechless as to how great she is! She is right here on Reade street. I think it would be nice for other JCP kids needing speech to benefit from Vickie. ~ Merav